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Honeysuckle Media

Havoc : Mobb Deep Issue 17

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Since 2017, we’ve been doing it for the hustlers, the creators and the magic-makers of The City That Never Sleeps. Despite the trials and tribulations, cannabis culture is alive and kicking  in NYC! 

New York’s legal industry is ramping up with cannabis licenses open to the general public, and the game changes every day. Retailers and Cannabis Growers’ Showcase come online for farmers, processors, technology providers and others. And court cases about detailing everything from RO’s to justice impacted individuals. 

Mythic figures and cool cats loom large in this edition.  Our cover artist, Havoc of Mobb Deep, one of the most renowned producers and artists of all time, shares his positive outlook on life. His paradigm revolves around a world ripe with opportunities for those who commit to manifesting their dreams. 

We speak with some of our favorite West Coast OGs, who invented the brands dominating today’s market: Champelli, Jondo of TerpHogz, Frank Walker of Dubz Garden, Josh Schmidt of Natura, Cannabiz Chris and Freddie Bigg of SF Canna. They’ll tell you the key to the future is globalization. These impresarios are embracing the international “cuisines” of cannabis culture, and soon the new trends will be as familiar to American consumers as the taco and the sushi roll.  Ricardo Baca, a cannabis media legend, and  Hawaii Mike, who went from managing Mobb Deep and shared  weed with Biggie, before bringing one of New York’s premier legacy brands to the legal market.

As always, the female plant gives the women who love her reasons to thrive. There are more canna goddesses spotlighted here than ever before.. They come from varied backgrounds: attorneys, physicians, publicists, equity champions, hospitality mavens and tastemakers, with a shared goal of helping the world realize women can do the impossible.

Our  creative endeavors through Honeysuckle Studios has seen us  completing our first iterations of a feature film and web series titled Girls Are Players Too (GAPT), a fiction/nonfiction hybrid anthology about ladies of the cannabis community (loosely inspired by real stories). The concept of GAPT sparked from our previous spread with East Coast legacy women, recently winning us a Clio Awards. So did our brand redesign with design firm MNML, and a Clio Shortlist for our CAURD shoot with This Is Our Dream. 

Our creative agency, which provided corporate and creative services in product and corporate photography, branded content in video and film, and Out Of Home, has been steadily gaining ground. . Sam C. Long, our brilliant Creative Director, has been spearheading innovative new projects from coast to coast, including our inaugural headshot and product photography activations at Revelry Buyers Club in Hudson and Revelry Block Party in Brooklyn. 

What are you waiting for? The revolution is being televised! And Honeysuckle will always be there to document it. Dive on in, the Honey’s warm!