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Honeysuckle Media

Lil Wayne 420 Edition

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Honeysuckle does it for 420 with Lil Wayne and his brand GKUA. Dive in to this issue in what we do best:  Plants, Sex, Culture, and Justice!  Honeysuckle Magazine..
Since 1995, Dwayne Carter, better known to the world as rapper Lil Wayne, has become the definition of growth. Starting with his days as part of the Hip-Hop group Hot Boys and eventually going solo, Wayne would go on to become known as one of the most creative, influential lyricists of the past 20+ years. 

Wayne emphasizes that our society has a major problem with legalization of and access to the plant, which particularly impacts people of color. “To all those who don’t understand, this foolishness needs to end…cannabis should be legal period. Having it legal in some places and not in others makes no sense. Everyone deserves access and no one should be going to prison for it. I think soon it won’t be an issue.”

In this beautiful design dazzling print edition, we talk to Visionary Artist and Laganja Estranja's best friend, Robert Hayman, Fantastic filmmaker Gaspar Noe, Chem Dog, black Lives Matter and More! 

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