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Honeysuckle Media

Mellow Rackz CULTURE

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Honeysuckle Media, the premiere cannabis and culture publication, is out with Issue 15. A recurring theme in this issue is transformation. Our cover artist, Mellow Rackz, referred to as one of the strongest women alive, is a true superstar. The Young Money artist, whose magnificence goes beyond her viral videos and sensational concert appearances, has experienced an enormous amount of trauma and challenges, survived through them, and come to a place of impressive maturity beyond her age of 20. We are grateful to tell her story in our pages.

Transformation tells the story of legendary cultivator Champelli, whose eponymous strain is name-dropped as a favorite by every major hip hop artist. With the pioneer’s special relationship with the plant, his ups, downs and spectacular rebirth as an epic creator, we get the scoop in his own words.

We delve into Richard DeLisi’s inspiring tale. As the nation’s longest-serving nonviolent cannabis prisoner, DeLisi was incarcerated for 32 years of a 90-year sentence before being released in 2020. Today he uses his freedom and platform to advocate for others behind the wall. HIs new family-owned cannabis brand, DeLisioso, works to benefit those impacted by the criminal justice system. His adventure of hope, perseverance, and The Grateful Dead is one to take to heart. As is Fab 5 Freddy’s brand B Noble, based on the story of Bernard Noble, who received a 13-year prison sentence for two joints’ worth of cannabis. 

Honeysuckle’s own evolution has seen us continue our pioneering firsts, with the first-ever international Tribal cannabis alliance over Times Square and New York State billboards; we received our first CLIO award for our creative work; and have been loving the opportunities to provide media services to the industry’s hottest artists and brands such as Fyllo, ETAIN, Arcview, 40 Tons, and more. Our Miami cover shoot with Mellow procured the cover of her latest single “RICH BITCH PARTY”. As they say, game recognizes game.